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London vs Sativa

When you get a clash of styles on the wrestling mats, they often produce top quality matches and this was no exception!

Beautiful blonde babe London squared up to sexy sensational Sativa on the MWC mats and they seemed as delighted to be wrestling each other as we were!

Sativa has a significant size and strength advantage but London is tough and brave as they come and is always up for tough challenges so this was always going to be an intriguing encounter.

Inevitably, Sativa started strongly and went on the attack but found London was going to resist and battle as hard as she good to keep those strong and long sexy legs at bay!

So Sativa had to get resourceful to earn her first submission of the match when she trapped London beneath her before unleashing her breasts on to the blonde’s face - forcing her to tap out before she passed out!

London was not deterred though and came out fighting as hard as she could, trying to even the score as quickly as possible. But anyone who has been caught between Sativa’s legs will tell you that it is a painful place to be and London soon succumbed once they locked on to her body!

But if Sativa or anyone else thought this would be easy, they had another thing coming as London was back on the attack, getting Sativa trapped under her body as she tried to smother her.

London also enjoyed turning the tables and getting her own legs in action, catching Sativa in a painful looking scissor.

Ultimately though, Sativa proved to have too much for the feisty blonde London. But she most certainly didn’t have everything her own way in this exciting match battled in a great spirit! We look forward to their next clash with interest!

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