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London vs Ruby Lix

It’s not often pint-sized fighters London and Ruby Lix get to stare an opponent directly into the eyes without looking up but facing off against each other gave them this rare treat in this Shiny Pro Ring Gils battle!

But as we have seen time and time again with these two, what they might lack in height is more than compensated by their huge fighting heart and immense skills.

As soon as they meet in the middle of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain, you can see they are desperate to get it on and they are soon locking fingers and engaged in a tough test of strength.

And this sets the tone as it is clear London and Ruby Lix are well matched and betting on a winner was going to be no easy task!

The initiative went back and forth as they fought hard all over the squared circle looking to get the other in difficult predicaments in the hope of it resulting in submissions.

On more than one occasion, the girls found themselves trapped agains the turnbuckle and subjected to painful moves ranging from a boot to the throat to stink faces which left them gagging for breath.

There was plenty of traditional wrestling too, including roll up pins, head scissors, ankle locks, head locks, body scissors and Boston crabs which had the desired effect of leaving each in considerable pain.

But they showed plenty of resilience too as lesser fighters would have submitted much sooner had they been on the receiving end of some of those moves!

Both London and Ruby Lix were made to suffer at different points of this action-packed match and it remained difficult to predict a winner right up until the final moments. The eventual exhausted winner certainly enjoyed the moment!

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