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London vs Gabriella

These two beauties are no strangers to each other and so it was time to reacquaint themselves in a Shiny Pro Ring Girls match at Monica’s Ring of Pain.

At first London and Gabriella looked pleased to see each other but appearances can be very deceptive as it quickly became obvious that these two rivals are anything but friends as they exchanged taunts in the middle of the squared circle.

But these girls are not about the chatter. They loved to wrestle and so they needed no encouragement in getting to grips with one another and letting battle commence.

The initial test of strength proved London and Gabriella were well matched as neither came out on top and soon they were locked up and rolling back and forth on the canvas looking for the early initiative.

Gabriella tried putting the squeeze on her blonde foe first with a bearhug and then a body scissor but London battled her way out of it and was soon sending hard kicks into Gabriella’s belly before delivering a stink face after she’d slumped to the floor!

The trash talking was as vicious as the fighting as they taunted one another and this ramped up the intensity levels of the physical battle that was taking place.

They wrestled, they brawled, they trash talked and both London and Gabriella delivered some serious pain in all three disciplines!

We saw face sits, body scissors, head locks, a variety of pins, stomping, camel clutches, arm bars and combination holds which all had the desired effect.

You could just feel that both Gabriella and London would absolutely hate to lose this one the more the fight progressed.

But lose one of them was desired to do! The winning girl certainly enjoys her moment and makes her victim suffer long and hard before leaving her devastated on the canvas!

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