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London vs Cristal Lite

The gorgeousness and skills of both London and Cristal Lite are more than enough to make this a must have Shiny Pro Ring Girls match for your wrestling collections.

But the fact that they are both bubbling with enthusiasm right from the get go as a result of them never having fought before adds that little extra spice and excitement.

They come together in Monica’s Ring of Pain and, despite the smiles, it is clear that these two proud fighters want to win and will do anything they can to earn it.

The fight explodes into life with a test of strength which very quickly gives way to them crashing to the mats and the battle continuing with one straddling the other in an early display of dominance!

But if they thought this was going to be easy, they are immediately put right as the seemingly trapped girl skilfully turns the tables to get out of the predicament she found herself in!

Suddenly, both London and Cristal are exchanging some seriously impressive wrestling moves as they battle and stagger and roll around every inch of the canvas trying to get the upper hand in this frenetic encounter.

As well as the traditional grappling moves that will impress the purists, they girls are not shy about using their considerable assets or fighting dirty to get their own way - and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

London and Cristal are so engrossed in fighting one another that we are even treated to the odd wardrobe malfunction during the heat of the battle!

The cries of pain, the anguished expressions and the sweat tell you how much both put into this in pursuit of victory.

In the end, one of the warriors gets her much wanted win and, boy, does she enjoy celebrating it!

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