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London vs Cheetah

This one had all the right ingredients for an exciting Shiny Pro Ring Girls contest and these battling beauties certainly didn’t let us down!

Luscious London and wildcat Cheetah posses bags of skill, speed and strength and it certainly never goes unnoticed how easy on the eye the pair of them are!

As they squared up to each other in Monica’s Ring of Pain, it was obvious that Cheetah has a size advantage but London is used to that and has made many a bigger opponent whimper in pain.

They immediately locked fingers for a test of each other’s power but that quickly gave way to them getting down on to the canvas rolling around trying to get an advantage over one another. It was clear they were well matched and no sooner had one got on top of the other, the roles were reversed!

The early exchanges saw grapevine pins, schoolgirl pins, body scissors, guillotines, camel clutches, head locks and combination holds as the action hotted up very nicely indeed!

But it wasn’t all traditional wrestling. London and Cheetah will use any means necessary to earn victory and pushing an opponent into the corner and then stomping the hell out of them is fair game in their world!

And if that doesn’t work, then there is always their shapely backsides to put to good use with an unbearable stinkface!

Both Cheetah and London undoubtedly had their moments of offensive moves which had the other squirming while they each showed great determination not to give in when put in a spot of bother.

By the end though, one girl ends up dominating the other and she brutally hammers home her advantage by breaking her rival - physically and mentally.

She needs no encouragement in celebrating a very impressive win at the end!

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