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London vs Bitch Cassidy

There is no doubt Bitch Cassidy has the cockiness and confidence to match her stunning looks and she is certainly up for her Shiny Pro Ring Girls clash with luscious London! She stands there flexing her muscles but London is never fazed when she steps into Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain no matter who she is facing and how strong they might turn out to be! And the tension is running high in this one and it is clear these two feisty beauties just want to wrestle and trash talk with equal venom! Not only do they seem determined to fight but they each seem to relish whatever the other dishes out to them as they exchange some painful looking moves in the early exchanges. The verbals continue every step of the way as the proud warriors utilise their immense wrestling skills as well as deploying some dirtier tactics - anything to secure an all important victory, right?!

They exchange grapevine pins, scissors, knees to the belly, smart takedowns, forearm smashes, stomps to the back, camel clutches, stink faces when one is trapped in the corner, hard slaps, kicks, head locks and combination holds as the action gets hotter and wilder with each passing minute. And it is back and forth as well as neither Bitch Cassidy or London can take total control and, instead, they just go hell for leather at one another as they look to gain an impressive win under their belts. As the match speeds along towards a conclusion, the moans and groans of pain get louder as both fighters start to feel the effects of the brutal battle they have engaged in. London and Bitch Cassidy gave it everything they had right until the very end of this one where one of the beauties finally emerged as the delighted winner.

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