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London vs Beth Bennett Rematch

The air was bristling with electricity as these two blonde babes warmed up ahead of what was set to be a fiery Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter!

Both London and Beth Bennett are brilliant wrestlers who simply ooze confidence (some might even say justified arrogance!) every single time they climb through the ropes into Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain.

They’ve met before and they were obviously both keen on getting their hands on one another once again if their opening words were anything to go by.

And they buzzed little time in getting the fight started as they locked fingers and took the action down to the mats.

Beth initially had the upper hand and she certainly let London know before she started squeezing the lift out of her with a body scissor.

But you don’t expect London to take that sort of thing lying down to you?! She was soon back up and on the attack, brutally trapping Beth in a headlock before throwing her to the canvas and executing a cross body pin.

Game well and truly on and things were only going to get more exciting, not to mention brutal, as these two proud warriors went all out for a famous victory.

Dropped elbows to the gut, schoolgirl pins, stink faces, kick to the belly, limbs being stretched to their limits and a variety of other moves which caused damage to both as the bout went on at a fast pace.

London and Beth were enjoying themselves too judging by the verbals they dished out but the smiles were not warm - they hid an instinct and desperate will to win.

It was even all the way to the end as they battled hard. They will clearly meet again in another rematch!

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