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London v Black Diamond

As ever, luscious London is brimming with confidence when she steps into Monica’s Ring of Pain ready for another Shiny Pro Ring Girls battle.

However, she’s going to have to be at the top of her game in this one as she faces the formidable Black Diamond who “doesn’t fold under pressure and cuts through the competition” - hence the name!

The smaller London isn’t phased though and both are clearly up for the battle as they immediately square off and engage in a test of strength right from the start.

It comes as no surprise that Black Diamond emerges as the dominant woman in any test of strength as she displays incredible power, lifting London up and tossing her around like a rag doll before applying some impressive moves on the canvas.

But if Black Diamond thought this was going to be a pushover, she was sorely mistaken as London digs deep and shows why she is to be reckoned with no matter who she is facing in a fight.

For each time the bigger woman executes a painful looking hold or connects with some punishing blows, the smaller one fights fire with fire and puts her larger foe in trouble herself.

It’s an intriguing back and forth encounter which sees both of these incredible wrestlers digging deeper and deeper to try to get the advantage over the other.

There are taunts and ear-piercing shrieks and wails from the pair as they fight hard and inflict some serious damage on one another.

Both London and Black Diamond fight hard right to the end of this bruising encounter with the result in doubt all the way until one of these warriors finally gets the winning pin.

And the delighted winner is certainly not reluctant to celebrate the victory over the exhausted body of her destroyed rival!

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