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London gets Vanquished

The imposing former cage fighter and pro wrestler Madame Vanquish seems to be on a mission to go through the session wrestling roster at MWC and leave them beaten down in her wake.

And the latest beauty to face off against the dominant dominatrix in the new Mats of Doom Room is the brilliant and strong London, who is always up for a scrap.

Despite her small size, London has the heart of a lion and she is certainly not phased or in the least bit intimidated by her bigger opponent telling her that she will be cut down to her size.

However, Madame Vanquish has the power and ruthless aggression to match her intimidating reputation and she wastes no time at all scooping London up and starting a hell of a beatdown.

There is no chance of her taking it easy and ramming London into the wall shows the word ‘remorse’ is simply not in her vocabulary.

“That was mean!” cries London but it turns out Madame Vanquish hasn’t even scratched the surface of evil yet and she continues the destruction job with professionalism and eagerness.

That’s not to say Madame Vanquish wasn’t having her own brand of fun of course. She let London have the chance to attack her but this, of course, had no effect whatsoever and we were back to watching the small blonde suffer.

The dominatrix inflicted pain via an array of moves including arm bars, body scissors, head locks, ankle locks, boston crabs, figure four locks and bear hugs.

“Ooh, you’re such a bully” and “you bitch!” were just two reactions from a beaten and broken London throughout this match.

The only mercy - if you can call it that - for Mercy came when the “match” was finally over. She was left flat out on the mats while Madame Vanquish celebrated a dominant performance!

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