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London Demolishes Chicken Boy Dave - rematch

If you faced off against a stronger and better wrestler and got your ass handed to you, the chances are you’d probably not be in a rush to face them again.

But Chicken Boy Dave is a different animal to most. You kick his butt, he is convinced he will get instant revenge!

And this is what happens here. Luscious London is minding her own business, stretching in Monica’s Ring of Pain when Chicken Boy - wearing his Macho Man pants to show he means business.

He wastes no time going on the attack too as he has revenge in his eyes. London is more than ready for him though and she seems highly amused to find herself in an impromptu rematch with the tough guy!

“One beating wasn’t enough, eh?” Clearly it wasn’t and soon Chicken Boy finds himself in an oh-so familiar position of being under a female wrestler who is about to unleash all kinds of hell on him!

London takes him down and traps him in a schoolgirl pin and is soon making him suffer for his foolish bravado.

She pins him, she stomps on him, she squeezes him, she smacks him, she taunts him. Basically, she well and truly dominates him.

London gets him with head and body scissors, grapevine pins, face sits, breast smothers, head locks and even tramples over his prone and battered body.

Again, she wears a big smile on her face from start to finish and she attacks him mentally as well - taunting him and mocking his predicament while she unleashes all kinds of wrestling hell on him.

Coming for a rematch was clearly not the wisest thing that Chicken Boy has ever decided to do and it was no surprise to see him suffer for it.

The ending was brutal for Chicken Boy as London literally stamped her authority on him - possibly once and for all!

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