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London Demolishes Chicken Boy Dave

It’s not often that Chicken Boy Dave gets to play the big man so we were certainly happy to let him have his moment on this occasion!

He actually towers above his opponent on the MWC mats this time, who comes in the form of the shapely, gorgeous wrestler that is London.

However, these two have a history and that history showed us that despite his size advantage, Chicken Boy just hasn't got the skills or the strength to match his infinitely superior opponent.

This is not lost on London as she taunts him from the start before immediately launching into an attack with a head scissor to take him down. He still insists he will “get her this time” but that quickly becomes “you’re cheating!” when he is starting to suffer at her hands.

London is too quick, took strong and far too skilful and having taking down bigger and better opponents in her career, Chicken Boy was never going to post too many problems for her!

She dazzles him with her ability and certainly makes him suffer when she unleashes moves such as reverse head scissors, school girl pins, body scissors, grapevine pins, figure four locks and face sits.

London isn’t averse to fighting dirty either - wedgies and slaps are particularly effective! Not that she needs to be underhand though. From the pathetic screams and squeals coming from Chicken Boy’s mouth, it’s clear that London is the boss lady!

And she is certainly not shy about telling him so as she taunts and trash talks her way through this clear and dominant performance over him, while wearing a big beaming smile on her face throughout.

The result was never in doubt for this one and London puts the exclamation mark on her performance by squeezing Chicken Boy into unconsciousness and then celebrating over his prone body!

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