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Lola Ray vs Safia

It’s always thrilling for us at Monica’s Wrestling Centre to put two talented young wrestlers up against each other and sit back and watch the fireworks they produce.

And the beauties that are Lola Ray and Safia certainly didn’t let us down when they squared off to wrestle each other in the MWC Mats of Doom room.

What’s immediately obvious is that Safia has a bit of size advantage over Lola Ray but the similarities are they are both keen fighters, both extremely talented and both very beautiful!

Lola certainly wasn’t intimidated by any physical difference and she was the one who attacked first, grabbing her rival in a headlock.

But Safia was prepared and she responded in kind and that saw them fall to the ground and the real hard wrestling began that saw them rolling and jostling for the upper hand.

After an intense struggle, it was Safia who got the first submission making Lola Ray tap having caught her in a very painful looking head lock.

Things didn’t get any better for the smaller woman as Safia continued to stalk her and then trap her in excruciating holds that had Lola Ray shrieking in pain.

While her stature might be small, there is no doubting the size of Lola’s huge heart as she kept fighting and kept getting her opponent in her own painful looking moves and she certainly enjoyed some success in the submissions department.

But overall Safia was having a great time dominating and she unleashed an array of attacks that saw her utilise arm locks, body scissors, head locks, arm bars and an array of pins.

She was a dominant and deserving winner at the end but what is clear is these two exciting young starlets have a very bright future ahead of them in this scene!

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