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Lola Ray Humiliates Russ - rematch

Given the beat down he was handed the last time he faced the brilliant Lola Ray, we were shocked to see Russ back for more and gunning for revenge.

However, no-one was more shocked than the gorgeous girl herself when one of her past victims climbed through the ropes of the MWC Ring of Pain all ready for action.

“You’re back for more” she said with a big smile of anticipation on her lips. But Russ is a man and he was ready and confidently responded before they both grabbed hold of one another in head locks and started this impromptu rematch.

And for a few glorious seconds, it looked like Russ was indeed ready. But the really weird thing about wrestling time - a few seconds caught in a female fighter’s expertly executed moves can feel like a lifetime while those few seconds of Russ matching Lola Ray was gone in the blink of an eye!

She forced him down, got on top and made him tap out. Just like that!

The brave boy was phased though and went straight back after his foe with guts and determination but sadly for him no change in result!

Lola Ray was once again dominating and she started to make him suffer and submit constantly just as she did when they last met.

He found himself struggling in schoolgirl pins, head locks, body scissors, arm bars, head scissors and a variety of pins which had him in agony.

He did have one glorious moment where he seemed to have her pinned and stuck but the smile never left her beautiful face and she soon turned the tables on him!

But once again, there was no doubt who the better wrestler is and she deserved every second of her victory. We suspect Russ will be more cautious about fighting the delightful Lola Ray any time soon!

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1 Comment

which one of this girls can do german suplex with flexibly ? i want to see it really what about miss monica give it try let see which one of this girls can german suplex men better

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