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Lola Ray Humiliates Russ

Given the significant size advantage he has, Russ would have been forgiven for fancying his chances against gorgeous Lola Ray.

But, from the moment they faced off against one another on the MWC mats, it was obvious that the talented girl was determined not to let the big fella impose himself on her and use the advantages he has.

Barely a second after the pre-fight handshake, Lola grabbed him around the neck and took him to the ground where she quickly got on top and trapped him in a schoolgirl pin.

He struggled and moaned but Lola was obviously delighted with her quick thinking and skills which gave her an early advantage.

If Russ was relieved to be out of that hold, he had zero time to recover as the athletic beauty immediately wrapped her legs around his head and applied a painful arm bar.

The sound of the big guy in pain soon became as regular as heartbeats as Lola Ray went through her fine arsenal of weapons, constantly looking to inflict pain on Russ!

She trapped him in figure four locks, grapevine pins, more school girl pins, head locks, body scissors, leg locks and often a variety of combinations of a few of those moves!

All the while she wore a smile on her pretty face and even taunted him as she took her performance up a few notches as the match progressed.

That’s not to say Russ didn’t try to fight back, of course. He fought out of pins and even tried the odd move of his own as he looked to win back submissions he had reluctantly given himself.

But Lola Ray was too quick, too skilful and way too smart for him throughout. It really was no surprise to see her posing and celebrating over his defeated body at the end of this one!

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