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Lina Vanquished

Swedish bombshell Lina has built up an impressive reputation over a number of years on the wrestling mats and in the ring with her talent and sheer power.

But the prospect of facing the relentless domme that is Madame Vanquish on the MWC mats was a unique experience even for her!

And it's certainly not typical to see a fighter as accomplished as Lina being woman-handled with the ease the dominatrix does as the match begins with Madame Vanquish encouraging her rival to attack first.

Naturally, Lina was never going to just lay there and take it once she was taken down to the floor and so she immediately started fighting back and tried to turn the tables on her bigger opponent.

Despite the spirited efforts, however, Madame Vanquish was not fazed and continued to attack as well as laugh at her rival, taunting her along the way.

At times, the domina twists Lina up into a pretzel shape and continues to laugh as the Swede desperately tries to escape from her clutches.

Lina is far from amused and gets angrier and angrier as pain is inflicted on her and she is forced to tap out of some excruciating moves.

Madame Vanquish continues to find it amusing while getting down to the serious business of applying the devastating holds on to an increasingly desperate and despondent Lina.

These include leg locks, arm bars, bear hugs, body scissors, cross body pins, head scissors, arm locks and many combinations of all of those! There is even a bout of spanking which truly adds insult to injury for Lina.

It is rare to see Lina dominated like this but dominated she truly is. The only consolation for Lina is the match doesn't last forever - giving Madame Vanquish the opportunity to enjoy a victory pose over her well beaten body!

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