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Lara vs Zoe Page

Oh, you can’t beat a bit of needle between wrestlers when they are facing off against one another on the mats!

Gorgeous Italian Lara and Brit beauty Zoe Page looked a thrilling prospect on paper and it got even better when they came face to face on the MWC mats.

Zoe wanted to start off with a polite handshake but was totally unimpressed when Lara didn’t follow suit and instead aggressively batted Zoe’s hand out of her way!

This ramped up the animosity levels somewhat and the two aggressively went at one another from the very start, getting hold of one another in vicious head locks.

By the time they fell to the mats, they were tangled up and fighting hard to get the upper hand with limbs locked up, forearms in faces and contorted expressions on their gorgeous faces.

It was Lara who gained the advantage in the early stages but she was met with feisty Zoe’s determined resistance and the battle intensified.

And boy did they punish one another. There were crushing body scissors, head scissors, head locks, arm bars, grapevine pins and hands placed on chins pushing one another away!

And not only could these girls dish out the punishment, for long periods they were sure as hell able to take it - resisting submissions that lesser wrestlers would have succumbed to a lot sooner.

It was exciting action pretty much from the opening bell to the end and it was made all the more by the fact we are talking about two mega babes too!

As the exhausting fight wore on, one of the girls did get the upper hand in terms of the number of submissions earned but they fought hard until the bitter end.

The winner was of course delighted but the loser seemed very disappointed. We suspect a rematch in future!

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