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Lara vs Phiannix

This one had us excited before the girls had even got into their wrestling attire and stepped on the mats and we most certainly weren’t disappointed when they did!

Exquisite Italian Lara and English beauty Phiannix met on Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats for the very first time and engaged in an exciting contest which enabled them to showcase their impressive talents.

Phiannix is a relatively new face to MWC but she certainly knows how to wrestle, while Lara has the skills to pay the bills and is never shy about displaying this as they clearly came with the aim of chalking up what would be a great victory!

They started off at an energetic pace as they traded moves with each finding themselves in a dominant position before the other fought their way out of it.

There were head locks, camel clutches, body scissors, a number of pins, head scissors with Lara and Phiannix feeling the pressure from these punishing moves judging by the moans and groans emanating from each.

And both beauties were successful in earning submissions from one another as the thrilling contest went in favour of one and then the other.

What was as equally impressive as the attacking moves were the incredible defences put up by both Phiannix and Lara - these girls can certainly take it as well as they can dish the punishment out!

The action never let up and neither did the desire from the gorgeous pair as they fought long and hard trying to get those all important tap outs.

After a while, one of the grapplers managed to get a clear advantage after some seriously impressive fighting in which they are engaged in right to the end!

While the winner celebrates her impressive win, it’s fair to say both Lara and Phiannix deserve applause for a great contest.

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