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Lara vs Nikki

Well, what more can a wrestling fan want than a match like this?! Two exceptionally brilliant and exceptionally beautiful wrestlers in the shape of Lara and Nikki going to battle in the tight space that is Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Mats of Doom Room!

Not only that, a blonde v brunette and East v West Europe contest just to throw a bit of added spice into the proceedings.

They wasted no time at all in getting to grips with one another and were soon fighting on the ground, the pair of them appearing to be a good match for one another in the early exchanges.

It was fast paced right from the start and you could see both Lara and Nikki fighting hard to impose themselves on one another, only to find the other being equally determined to stop them doing so.

At times, they cancelled each other out as they rolled around on the floor seeking those all important submissions that they were so obviously craving.

Not that either Nikki or Lara were prepared to give them up so easily of course! Their ability to endure punishing moves helped as they refused to submit before doing so with the greatest of reluctance.

We saw head locks, arm locks, body scissors, breast smothers, grapevine pins, schoolgirl pins, guillotines, body scissors and combination moves with each girl enjoying some success along the way.

Given the small enclosed room they were battling in and the pace in which they fought, it was no surprise to see their bodies glistening with sweat from their relentless efforts.

It was a truly thrilling encounter which was nail-biting and intense with both ladies leaving everything they had in that room!

Did Lara or Nikki come out on top? Whatever the result, both were shattered at the end of this exciting tough war!

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