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Lara vs Emily

Who doesn’t love a blonde v brunette battle when the blonde and brunette in question are as talented and good looking as both Lara and Emily are?!

Throw in the extra thrill of putting them in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Mats of Doom Room - a tight and enclosed gem of a space - and we know we are on to a winner!

Emily has a bit of a size advantage but anyone who has ever seen Lara fight knows she doesn’t get fazed by her opponents and just gets on with things.

And get on with things the pair of them do as they waste no time at all in getting to grips to one another and getting this show on the road.

Emily immediately tries to utilise her bigger muscles and gets on top of the Italian brunette but she finds that Lara isn’t one to give in easily and she instead does all she can to try and fight her way out of it.

The longer the match goes on, the more intense things get and they are soon both sweating as a result of their fully committed efforts in the hot and stuffy small room they are battling in!

We see head locks, body scissors, roll up pins, schoolgirl pins, Boston crabs, grapevine pins, head scissors, arm bars, breast smothers and combination holds which clearly have an impact judging by the moans and groans coming from the ladies as they fight hard.

These are not the kind of girls who trade verbal insults, they let their wrestling do the talking instead and that only adds to the intensity of the battle.

By the end of this contest, there is a clear winner out of the two but both Lara and Emily look like they’ve been through the mill as they walk off exhausted!

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