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Lara vs Cheetah - custom

Gorgeous Lara and Cheetah produced some stunning wrestling when they competed in the recent MWC September Live Show and already proving to be a huge hit within the scene.

But if there is one thing Monica enjoys doing, it’s taking her girls out of their comfort zones and setting them altogether different challenges and hurdles to overcome and then seeing how they cope!

In straight out wrestling matches on the mats or in the Ring of Pain, Lara and Cheetah are effortlessly brilliant with their range of skills and strength and determination.

But here, they found themselves clad in professional wrestling gear and confined to the MWC Mats Room of Doom where they had to prove their endurance as well as thoughts.

Each girl took their turn in standing against the wall - displaying some shiny wrestling belts - while the other landed vicious, unforgiving slaps to the chest - which were exposed due to the singlets they were wearing!

There was tension as they both lined up for the challenge. They knew what was coming and they knew that each was more than capable of bringing the pain.

And bring the pain they did. The previously silent room was soon reverberating with the sound of open palm smacking down on skin before the cries of pain filled the air.

Each strike seemed to be more eye-watering than the other and you could see both Lara and Cheetah trying their best to suck up the punishment and trying not to reveal just how much they were suffering at the hands of their rival.

As the contest wore on, the smacks seemed to get much harder and it is a credit to the pair of them that they didn’t quit in pain so easily.

It’s different to what Lara and Cheetah are used to but boy did they put on an incredible show, that is a must for your collections.

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