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Lara dominates Chicken Boy Dave - rematch

Some people just never learn, do they? Despite his vast experience in such situations, Chicken Boy Dave just cannot resist writing cheques his ass can’t cash!

Perhaps he’s taken too many bumps to his head! That’s the only explanation we have in trying to understand why he climbed through the ropes of Monica’s Ring of Pain to challenge the exquisite Lara to a rematch.

The Italian was minding her own business, doing her exercises, when he arrived in his glittery pants telling her she was “lucky” last time and that he was going to win this fight.

Lara is unamused. Well, actually, Lara is very amused as she bursts out laughing in his face at his bold proclamations that she will be “finito”.

The beauty responds in Italian - we’re pretty sure she wasn’t uttering pleasantries! - and grabs Chicken Boy around the neck and gets to work.

He gets that familiar feeling of being in agony as Lara starts twisting him up and squeezing the life out of him with ease.

Chicken Boys cries of pain fill the air and the submissions are soon flowing like water from a leaky tap as he cannot handle the heat that Lara brings to the mats.

She gets him in head locks, body scissors, head scissors, pins and tortures him with her feet, going through her impressive arsenal to inflict the most amount of pain on him.

Lara is not averse to being creative either, using the ropes to choke him and make him suffer for daring to square up to her for a second time. A stink face while he is slumped in the corner also continues the nightmare for him!

Unsurprisingly, the end is exactly how we expected. Chicken Boy out and flat on his back and the dominant gorgeous Lara posing over his battered body.

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