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Lara dominates Chicken Boy Dave

Italian stunner Lara made quite a splash on her first appearance at Monica’s Wrestling Centre where she dazzled at the virtual show.

But amongst all the challenges she faced during her London visit, the beauty didn’t face one quite like this one - a battle on the MWC mats against our little warrior Chicken Boy Dave.

Despite having had his butt handed to him time and time again by a plethora of girls on the roster, he keeps coming back for more and keeps believing that he is capable of overcoming the odds regardless of who he is facing.

And you know what? On this occasion - nothing changed! He got his ass well and truly kicked once more by the fiery and fit fighter who seemed to enjoy making him suffer.

“God, you’re quick” was his shocked expression as she pounced on him as soon as they started and he was quick to start moaning and groaning in pain as she crushed his pea-sized head between her arms.

The vicious headlock brought the first of many submissions and a rather delightful sadistic grin across the face of gorgeous Lara.

Of course, she had a lot more weapons to call upon. And call upon them she did as she put weak little Chicken Boy through the mill.

She caught him with head scissors, schoolgirl pins, grapevine pins, body scissors, figure four head locks and even chokes as she happily made him suffer badly.

As much as he was wailing in sheer agony, she was moaning in sheer ecstasy, clearly pleased with her marvellous work.

Lara was clinical and extremely brutal, mopping the mats with Chicken Boy’s battered body from start to finish.

She certainly enjoyed the spoils of victory with an emphatic pose over his prone body at the end!

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