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Kassidy vs Spice

This one had us extremely excited as soon as we came up with the idea of these two gorgeous girls facing off against one another on the MWC mats!

Hugely experienced, strong and skilled Kassidy versus the powerhouse super Spice promised an enthralling clash of styles and a memorable match.

But we were wrong - it was much better than that! As soon as they shook hands, you could tell it is a fight these two have waited a long time for and they weren’t going to waste the opportunity to show each other what they have got!

Within a minute we could see this was going to be a battle for the ages. Kassidy is taller while Spice is the curvier but each has skills that the other was shocked to experience - namely Kassidy’s flexibility and Spice’s strength!

They were soon battling all over the mats - and often almost off them as well - as they looked to impose themselves on each other.

We saw leg scissors, arm locks, face sits, school girl pins, head locks, head scissors, cross body pins and lots of grunting and groaning and panting as they threw everything at each other.

Such is the intensity of both of these ladies, they again find themselves off the mats - their focus being on each other rather than staying within the wrestling area!

But after a while, one of these tough warriors started to take control and dish out some serious punishment to her struggling rival, who does her best to resist the onslaught.

Of course, the victim isn’t just there to be cannon fodder for her opponent and she earns her just reward with a submission with a vicious head scissor.

And while the winner is clear, there is a hell of a lot of mutual respect between these badass babes! A fabulous fight!

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