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Kassidy vs Madame Curie

It’s always incredibly exciting to see two powerful and skilful beauties go up against one another on the MWC mats and we certainly weren’t disappointed when Kassidy met Madame Curie.

Many a wrestler will go up against each of them and get dominated so it truly was a mouth-watering prospect to pit them against each other to see who comes out on top.

The two wasted little time in getting it on as they immediately got to grips with one another after the respectful pre-match handshake and you could feel the tension in the air!

You always expect a period of ‘feeling each other out’ in the initial stages of a contest but these two went at it with both the German Madame Curie and England’s Kassidy looking to exert their domination on each other as soon as they could.

When you thought one girl had the edge, the other would fight out of it and turn the tables. Their intense fighting also saw them end up off the mats on more than one occasion!

It took some time before one the girls finally got the all-important breakthrough and earned the first submission with an arm lock!

Phew! They’d barely had a chance to get their breath back when they were locked up in edge-of-the-seat action again, an increased determination in the air.

They executed head locks, arm bars, pins and scissors as they fought like mad to get the advantage throughout the match.

There are more submissions in the match but they are not easily won and the girls leave everything behind on the mats in this incredible battle of the amazons!

It was intense right to the end and there was certainly mutual respect as the two shattered ladies shook hands. A must have fight for your collections.

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