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Kassidy vs Luna Doom

The magnificent Kassidy is a formidable opponent for even the most experienced of wrestlers, let alone a new girl who’s only starting to make a name for herself.

And that was the daunting challenge awaiting luscious Luna Doom as she squared off against the hugely popular beauty on the MWC mats.

But in her short career with us so far, we’ve learned that Luna isn’t afraid of any challenge put in front of her and she certainly has the power and desire, along with the skills, to be an accomplished fighter here over time.

However, Kassidy doesn’t need a second invitation to wrestle and show off those incredible skills that have made her a star in this scene and Luna got to experience this first hand.

Kassidy scored blood with a vicious arm bar and then doubled her lead quickly after with a face sit that left Luna stunned and gasping!

The ‘veteran’ was in full flow know and going through her repertoire with moves including arm locks, grapevine pins, schoolgirl pins, wrist locks, scissors and cross body pins all making Luna submit.

But credit to Luna as she never gave up and kept fighting and kept coming at Kassidy as she looked to claw back some points in her favour and make her mark against one of the very best.

Of course, making Kassidy submit is far easier said than done and it’s even harder to achieve when you are constantly on the receiving end of her constant, painful holds that she can trap anyone in!

The match was battled in good, sporting spirit - one of the girl even helped cover up the other when a wardrobe malfunction threatened proceedings.

But ultimately, they were there to fight and it’s fair to say Luna was given a very painful lesson by awesome Kassidy!

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