Justice’s challenge - part 2

The last time “Chicken Boy” Dave found himself lying on the MWC mats looking beaten and destroyed, he suddenly found himself unwittingly in a wrestling challenge against beautiful Justice!

And guess what? History does have a history of repeating itself! Justice did warn him after their previous encounter that this would happen again and she stayed true to her word - turning up again ready to wrestle him with a cash stake up for grabs for the winner.

“Oh no, not again!” Funnily enough, Dave isn’t as keen as Justice on this challenge but, again, he has no choice but to go with it as Justice is itching for a wrestle and a competitive wrestle is exactly what she is going to get!

As ever, Dave is always keen to try his best. But we’re yet to see that best ever being anywhere near good enough and that’s exactly how things are when Justice pins him for the first time before any time has even passed!

Justice is like the conductor of her own choir, directing her wrestling skills into making the sweetest of sounds - in this case, Dave moaning and groaning in pain as he tries to live with the onslaught that his opponent is unleashing on his sorry ass!

Naturally the pins keep coming, despite Dave’s best efforts to kick out of them and stop Justice from even pinning his shoulders in the first place.

Justice is even more remorseless and intense than she was the first time she instigated a wrestling challenge with Dave and boy, does he know it!

She hurts him, pins him, taunts him and absolutely tortures him with absolutely no mercy whatsoever. It is really no shock to find a battered and broken Dave lying defeated on our mats and the easy and clear loser in Justice’s challenge!

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