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Justice’s challenge - part 1

The ever-willing but always losing “Chicken Boy” Dave appears to be lying flat out on the MWC mats - probably after he’d endured his latest butt-kicking at the hands of a talented woman!

So the last thing he probably wanted at that point was for another talented woman in the shape of the beautiful Justice suddenly arriving and issuing him a wrestling match challenge!

Sensibly, Dave wants no part of it but if he thought he was in a position to refuse, he was sadly mistaken as Justice calmly sits on his chest and informs him that he has no choice in the matter. Not only that, she even forces him to accept the challenge is for actual money.

Dave thinks Justice has set herself too difficult a task in looking for six out of seven pins to win the cash prize but she soon makes him have an urgent rethink when she gets the first of those pins within seconds of him accepting the challenge!

When the second pin comes along barely seconds after the first one, even Justice starts to worry that this challenge might be too was for a girl of her considerable skill and strength.

Dave is helpless and desperate and Justice is so worried about how comfortable she finds it to pin him, she even starts to count slowly just to add more of a challenge to the proceedings!

Naturally, it doesn’t take long for Justice to easily win the bet but brave (we really mean stupid) argues that she cheated and refuses to pay her!

Horrendous mistake as hell hath no fury like a fighting woman who has been conned. And Justice soon sets off working to beat the cash out of him, with a little bit of water torture thrown in.

Worst still, Justice ends this part of his ordeal by threatening to return…

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