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Justice dominates Chicken Boy Dave - custom

The phenomenal Justice is no stranger to the MWC mats and she’s certainly no stranger to beating up some of the session wrestling men in the scene.

So it’s always a delight to welcome this beauty back into our manor and watch her take some poor little boy apart - on this occasion that little chap being Chicken Boy Dave!

She is an intimidating presence for him and we are all treated to a unique POV of just how intimidating Justice can be as she tells a nervous Chicken Boy to get ready to be beaten and crushed between her awesome thighs.

It certainly doesn’t take her long to exert her obvious authority over him and soon her legs - clad in glorious gold leggings - get to work.

Justice licks her lips in anticipation of the feast she is about to enjoy and gets straight to work pinning him down and taunting him like a cold-blooded assassin.

Chicken Boy tries to offer some defiance but Justice just laughs this off and simply increases her efforts to inflict as much pain as possible on her smaller and much weaker opponent.

And the cries of pain soon come as she crushes him in schoolgirl pins and leaves him gasping for breath as she squeezes and crushes. She also sits on him and makes him moan and groan while, all the time, taunting and threatening him - making him beg and plead for mercy.

Again, we are treated to some POV shots that enable us to see exactly what Chicken Boy can see in his trapped position. She might be a beauty but we suspect Chicken Boy is not enjoying looking up at a dominant Justice!

After knocking him out, Justice goes for a change of outfit but Chicken Boy is not saved. Instead, she comes back for more which can only spell trouble for him!

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