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Jessie Vanquished

Poor Jessie! As a newcomer to Monica’s Wrestling Centre, she has faced a baptism of fire taking on some of the talented and tough young fighters on the roster.

But she ain’t seen nothing yet and absolutely nothing she has experienced so far could have prepared her for her date with dominant dominatrix Madame Vanquish.

The imposing mistress has been bulldozing her way through anyone and everyone who happened to be in the MWC arena when she was around looking for fresh meat. Not one girl has been able to stand up to her and stop her trail of destruction.

You can sense the nervousness in little Jessie’s gorgeous face as Madame Vanquish encourages her to have a free first shot when they are face to face on the MWC mats.

Unsurprisingly, Jessie is unable to make any impact and instead finds herself being scooped up into the dominatrix’s arms before being brought crashing down to earth with a back breaker.

Jessie is a wiry and slippery customer but Madame is unperturbed and continues to take her apart in her own unique way, taunting her along the way.

She picks up and rag dolls Jessie, traps her in leg locks, squeezes her in bear hugs, twists her legs up in directions legs are not supposed to go and crushes her between her thighs.

All credit to Jessie though. She keeps that beautiful smile on her face and keeps on trying - often putting so much effort in that she is battling wardrobe malfunctions as well as a remorseless wrecking machine.

But ultimately, and despite a reluctance to stay down, she goes the same way as many before her have gone and finds herself at the mercy of Madame Vanquish.

The dominatrix enjoys her victory pose - is there anyone who can stop her?!

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