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Jessie v Little Dave

Have you ever noticed that whenever a beautiful new wrestler joins the MWC ranks, brave Little Dave acts all big and tough and determined to put them in their place.

Take gorgeous Jessie, for example. There she is looking lovely on our mats only to find Little Dave opposite her dismissing her and telling her “It doesn’t matter what your name is, these are my mats!”

Yeah right! Jessie isn’t phased in the slightest and seems to find his bold proclamations rather amusing. One thing he can genuinely boast about is he actually has a height advantage for a change!

Sadly for him though, that’s about the only thing he has because within seconds of the action getting underway, Jessie is cutting him down to size with a guillotine before trapping him in a schoolgirl pin.

Little Dave's whining starts early as he doubts she is a beginner like her new girl status might have led him to believe. But Jessie is too busy bossing him around to care!

She gloriously starts to take him apart in between giving him chances to have a breather and start afresh!

She hits him with camel clutches, arm bars, more pins (for a tiny girl, she sure as hell packs some power and punch!) head scissors as well as bouts of bending his limbs in ways and directions they just simply weren’t made to be bent in.

Jessie’s confidence is oozing through the ‘match’ and highlighted through the chat she throws at him while he struggles and screams in pain whilst caught in her many traps.

The submissions flow like water running down stream and you can just tell Little Dave was not expecting to be outclassed so badly.

It’s a stunning performance by Jessie and she most certainly enjoys celebrating over his knocked out body at the end!

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