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Jeanne Hunter vs Rosie - Custom

Oh, the misplaced confidence of youth! Ravishing Rosie has undoubtedly come along in leaps and bounds as a fighter ever since she joined Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

But despite how far she has come, she still has a lot to learn - especially when it comes to taking on bona fide legends like Jeanne Hunter who has the power and ability to match her wealth of experience.

Before the bout, Rosie displays her confidence by telling Monica that she will win because she is the younger woman. She also believes this youthful spirit gives her superior strength!

But Jeanne has heard it all before. She herself accepts she is ‘old enough to be Rosie’s grandmother’ but she also reveals how much of a kick she gets beating younger girls. Especially cocky ones!

They tell us their vital statistics before getting down to business on the MWC mats. Rosie is still brimming with confidence right up until the very moment the contest starts and Jeanne gets to work.

Suddenly, Rosie is being given a true session wrestling masterclass from one of the all-time greats and her arrogant taunts are replaced with shrieks and wails of agony as she feels Jeanne’s force!

Jeanne is both literally and metaphorically wiping the mats with her younger rival and she is having a great time doing so.

Rosie gets to experience body scissors, head scissors, head locks, arm bars, a variety of inventive pins, camel clutches, breast smothers and combination holds which have the desired effect of earning submission after submission for Jeanne.

The older woman is relentless and remorseless, no doubt Rosie’s arrogant words still ringing in her ears.

It’s a humiliating, extra long demolition of Rosie, who is forced to admit that Jeanne and older women in general are tougher. She won’t be challenging beautiful Jeanne again any time soon!

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