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Jeanne Hunter vs Miss Vox

You got to love contrasts. Experience v youth. Blonde v Brunette. American v European. To get all of those in one match on the MWC mats was always going to get us excited!

Beautiful Jeannie Hunter crossed the Atlantic and bought bags of wrestling know how along with her but she was facing an exciting strong woman in the shape of sexy Miss Vox.

After a polite pre-match handshake, these two athletes wasted little time in getting to grips with one another and feeling each other out to see what they would be facing in this tussle.

And what they - along with the rest of us - soon realised is that it was going be on hell of a battle with both Jeannie and Miss Vox go all out to attack and find they are certainly worthy rivals for each other.

Painful looking holds are used and seem to get the desired result but the victim always seems to manage to escape from danger and get to safety when lesser mortals might have been in too much agony to do so.

Both perform some great moves including arm bars, head scissors, body scissors, head locks, school girl pins, grapevine pins and sometimes a couple of holds at the same time.

Such is the intensity with which they fight, they appear to be permanently locked together throughout the whole contest - even though they separate and go again on several occasions.

Soon, both Miss Vox and Jeannie are covered in sweat and breathing heavily as they give it their all in this battle that had us all on the edge of our seats as we watched.

This is a hard fought close encounter in which both ladies fight right to the end and deserve a ton of credit for the show. A must have in your collections.

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