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Jeanne Hunter Dominates Liam

We often see cocky men stride onto the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats looking confident and very cocky as they get set to take on a female wrestler.

But big Liam wasn’t looking so cocky and confident here and in fact even looked a bit nervous, which is perhaps understandable given he is facing the iconic Jeanne Hunter!

And sure enough, Jeanne wastes little time in taking down the Socked Crusader and demonstrating the skills and strength that have held the veteran legend in good stead over her years in the wrestling business.

Within the blink of an eye, Liam is pinned down and trapped between Jeanne’s amazing legs leaving him no option but to tap out in order to escape the vice-like grip locked around his torso.

Things continue to do from bad to worse for the boy as the blonde shows an insatiable desire to take down her larger foe and teach him a hard lesson for even daring to step on the same mats as her.

She lives up to her surname as she pounces on her prey at every given opportunity and leaves him moaning and groaning in pain from all the attacks.

Those attacks include breast smothers, head locks, grapevine pins, body scissors, head scissors, leg locks, schoolgirl pins and an array of impressive combination moves which make him suffer in many different ways at the same time!

The submissions flow like water as Jeanne is remorseless and relentless in her pursuit of domination, leaving Liam unable to defend himself let alone mount any attacks of his own.

It’s a harsh and very brutal lesson for the young man who was probably enduring aches and pains for many days after this one!

Jeanne showed her immense class and she certainly enjoyed celebrating over his prone carcass at the end of this one!

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