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Jaki vs Nika

How can you add extra excitement to a scenario where two strong and gifted amazons who simply love to wrestle doing battle against one another?

Well, putting the beauties in the tight space that is the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Mats of Doom Room and letting them go at it is a pretty surefire way of making a dream scenario better!

Jaki and Nika are tall, powerful women and this had all the ingredients for a mouth-watering, edge-of-your-seat war being cooked up between the pair.

And we were certainly not disappointed! Within the first couple of minutes both Jaki and Nika made their marks with a quick and very skilful submission being earned by each. Talk about lightning quick starts!

With each feeling the power of the other, both ladies were fully aware they were in a serious battle to the end!

As well as their attacking prowess the ability of Nika and Jake to withstand pain was also seriously impressive as the submissions starting taking longer and required far more effort to earn.

But what never waned was their desire to get those submissions and the pressure was cranked up with each passing minute of an absorbing and intense encounter.

We saw body scissors, arm locks, head locks, breast smothers, school girl pins, grapevine pins, head scissors and combination holds, the quality was evident from start to finish.

Their bodies were glistening with sweat and you could see the sheer effort both Nika and Jake were putting in as the battle wore on with both ladies working hard to get the submissions they did earn along the way.

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