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Jaki vs Luna K

Powerhouse Jaki just loves wrestling and you can see her enthusiasm at the start of this match as she bounces around in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Mats of Doom Room itching to get started.

But in fearless Luna K, she is up against a talent who is fearless and always ready to take on any challenges that are put in front of her and this challenge is no different!

Both women are blessed with some super wrestling skills and handily have plenty of strength to call upon and we are granted a treat in the early minutes as they exchange the first submissions of the match via an arm bar and then a head lock in return!

It’s immediately evident that both Jaki and Luna K are up for this and it shows in the quality of the fight we are treated to as they battle in the confined space with great enthusiasm and sheer heart from start to finish.

As well as executing effectively, the pair demonstrate a seriously impressive level of endurance as they don't tap out easily and often do their level best to withstand the agony and try to escape from any sticky situations they find themselves in.

We see body scissors, head locks, head scissors, camel clutches, Boston crabs, arm locks, arm bars and combination holds which are all executed to great effect by both Jaki and Luna K.

As the contest wears on, one of the ladies does wrack up an impressive amount of tap outs but they are not easily given and the contest remains gripping and hard fought throughout. These are not the sort of girls who give in easily!

There is a decisive winner at the end but there is definitely mutual respect between the pair after Monica calls time on a spirited and excellent battle!

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