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Jaki Humiliates Bert

The incredibly athletic Jacki looks an imposing fighter and a serious challenge for any female wrestler she goes up against.

So you can imagine the daunting task Bert faced when he stepped on to the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats to take her on in a mixed match!

Wisely, he didn’t hit her with lots of trash talk or bravado and seemed focused and in total concentration for the battle ahead as they got things under way.

Problem is, Jacki is always ready for her matches and she wasted little time in getting a grip of Bert and expertly taking him down to the mats where she set about putting him through his paces in rather painful style!

As well as impressive power and talent, Jacki is quick and coupled with a determination to make her opponents pay for daring to face her, it’s no surprise Bert was struggling from the start!

A vicious head lock and arm bar combination gave her a quick submission, Bert shrieking in agony as he desperately tapped out!

And this set the tone for what was to follow as the Amazonian Jacki was relentless and remorseless - giving him no time to relax even after he had submitted to her.

Her machine like precision saw him suffer as a result of head scissors, arm bars, body scissors, head locks, a variety of pins and punishing combination holds which all had the desired effect.

After about three minutes, Bert already looked like he had been tortured for more than an hour and there was still a long time left for him to endure!

He offered nothing in return in terms of attacking moves but that’s because Jacki refused to let him offer anything!

Bert was totally demolished and Jacki certainly enjoyed cerebrating over his destroyed carcass at the end!

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