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Jade vs Lina - Gi feet match

Before her retirement, beautiful Jade was an extremely popular session wrestler who graced the MWC mats and Ring of Pain for years.

So, we wanted to take her out of her comfort zone a little and put her in a fetching gi outfit against another gorgeous legend in the scene, Swedish bombshell Lina!

Lina, of course, is more experienced in these types of matches and she has a very impressive martial arts background to call upon which is vital in these contests.

But Jade hasn’t built up her reputation around nothing, you know! Her strength, wrestling skills, determination and sheer talent always hold her in good stead and we knew she wouldn’t just roll over and let Lina win easily.

Inevitably, it is the Swede who gets into the ascendency as soon as the match starts, taking down her English rival and getting to work those feet into Jade’s face.

As expected, Jade does everything to fight her way out of it and she certainly makes Lina work for the submission. But the tap out eventually comes.

Lina starts to take control with her experience and judo ability coming to the fore while Jade does her best to avoid the punishment.

However, just when we think Lina might have everything her own way, Jade roars back and shows just how adept with her feet she is herself when she makes Lina reluctantly tap out.

The action is fast paced and the two waste little time between submissions getting to grips with one another and the result is an excellent match featuring exceptional wrestling and martial arts on display.

By the end, there is a clear winner but judging by the expression on the two faces, both know they were in a ferocious contest!

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