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Jade vs Carmen - Pins Rematch

The first match between these two British babes was off the scale in terms of excellent exciting wrestling with some damn hot and sexy action.

But, as you’d expect from any competitive wrestler, they take a lot of pride in their work and losing to a rival only serves to make them more determined to succeed next time around.

Carmen was still smarting after her first encounter with Jade and was desperate to exact her revenge on her pregnant foe!

It wasn’t long before they threw themselves at each other and were rolling around on the MWC mats in another intense struggle.

But Carmen’s plan took an early setback as Jade put her strong, lush legs to good use and forced an early submission out of her frustrated rival.

Thankfully, this didn’t phase Carmen in the slightest though and she was soon back on the attack and overpowering Jade and getting on top. A cross body pin was just what the doctor ordered and scores were level once again!

Now it was game on with it all to play for and both girls certainly went for it with great gusto from this point onwards!

They both exchanged moves which racked up points on the board for the pair of them. These included arm bars, breast smothers, head locks, figure four locks, face sitting, body scissors and head scissors.

Along with the wrestling, there is plenty of verbal jousting and taunts going on throughout the fight as they give it their all.

Again, there is a clear winner between them with the loser forced to endure a long, humiliating post match penalty. But did Carmen get her revenge or did Jade reign supreme. Download to find out.

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