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Jade v Carmen Pins Match

Blonde amazon Carmen is certainly no stranger to wrestling having made more than a name for herself in the British scene.

But her rare visit to Monica’s Wrestling Centre saw her given a real tough test when she took on the ever-popular beauty that is Jade in a pins match.

Despite expecting her second child, Jade’s skills and enthusiasm for kicking butt on the mats has not diminished one bit and she was keen to show off her ability to Carmen.

And they wasted little time in getting to grips with one another on the MWC mats!

And it was Jade who overpowered her bigger rival first, pinning Carmen to the mats with a rather eye-opening breast smother and earning the first pin fall with a 10 count!

Carmen did not like this one bit and was straight up and ready to fight but, if she had been in any doubt before about how strong Jade is she wasn’t anymore as Jade once again showed off the strength and skill that has seen her win many a match.

But just when it looked as if Jade might have it all her own way, Carmen hit back with a breast smother pin of her own and suddenly it was game on!

The beauties fought hard all the way and their determination to win was powered by their obvious pride and desire not to come second best.

There was a lot more use of both Jade and Carmen’s impressive assets to earn 10 counts as well as cross body pins and school girl pins.

By the end, there was a clear and decide winner who forced her beaten rival to ensure an extra long breast smother (what else!). An awesome battle between two English roses!

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