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Iza Dominates Cocky Larry

If there’s one thing Cocky Larry is never short of, it is confidence and this was another Monica’s Wrestling Centre match he was involved in where he came full of himself.

He brought a significant size advantage over his opponent here - the beautiful Iza - and he appears to stalk her around the mats as this contest gets underway.

And everything is going well for him…until she gets hold of him and takes him down to the ground where she starts to work her magic and dish out some serious pain to the Cocky one.

After subduing him, she gets a seriously nasty looking arm lock locked in and, judgeng from the mound and groans of pain coming from Cocky Larry’s mouth - it really must have hurt!

Unfortunately for him, Iza is clearly just warming up though and starts to work him over using all the moves and tricks she has up her sleeve that she isn’t shy about showcasing during the heat of a battle.

Cocky Larry desperately finds himself trying to fend off arm bars, head scissors, cross body pins, figure four locks, body scissors and combination holds which have the desired effect for Iza, judging by the agonised sounds leaving his mouth!

Naturally the submissions are not following far behind the moves themselves as Cocky is left with no choice but to tap out to save himself from further damage.

It’s a masterclass in mixed wrestling destruction by Eza as Cocky Larry is unable to muster much of an attack in his own favour and simply has to take the punishment and try not to endure too much agony in the process!

He is completely done by the end of this one and Iza puts a rather magical cherry on top of her wrestling cake in the way she finishes the completely destroyed weakling off!

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