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Iza Destroys Chicken Boy

After countless defeats and bumps to the head, we’re thinking Chicken Boy Dave might finally have learned his lesson!

Normally, when he proudly and confidently steps into Monica’s Wrestling Centre to take on one of our super strong and super skilful ladies, he’s full of trash talk telling them what the mighty little man is going to do to them.

But as he faced off against the incredible Iza on the mats, he was strangely quiet and just got straight into the wrestling!

Some things never change though and, as usual, we quickly saw that Dave was unable to make any impact as gorgeous Iza took control straight away and started having her wicked way with him!

The only problem the blonde had was to decide which move to lock on in order to gain the first of what was always going to be many tap outs - opting for a rather painful looking arm bar to set the ball rolling.

Iza was very business like and didn’t hang around after this success, immediately launching another attack which had Dave moaning and groaning as he struggled to withstand the agony he was being put through.

She trapped him in leg locks, ankle locks, guillotines, an array of pins, scissor holds and combinations which brought about the desired effect of having Dave tap out.

Credit where credit’s due, Dave continued to try to get on the attack himself but sadly for him, it had no impact and Iza easily turned the tables on him and put him back in a perilous position.

And the submissions and cries of agony flow like water as Iza marches on towards an emphatic one-sized victory over the Chicken Boy!

She certainly enjoys her victory pose as she stanBoy Liamds over his battered body at the end of this one!

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