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Ivy Rain vs Wimpy Nick - Husband vs Wife Breast Smother custom

Beautiful Ivy Rain has developed many wrestling skills in her short career so far and we thought we’d challenge her to utilise one particular asset on her poor husband.

Wimpy Nick knows better than anyone else that his wife has awesome breasts but we suspect he would rather not be reminded of this against his will!

The couple found themselves in the MWC Ring of Pain and the English rose buzzed no time at all taking Wimpy Nick down to the mats and smothering him with her breasts after trapping him in a grapevine pin.

Ivy Rain certainly took to this challenge with a lot of glee while the moans and groans and clear discomfort her hapless husband was in demonstrated that she was rather very good at it!

She wasn’t too evil about it, of course. She did occasionally let him up to catch his breath. But this only gave him a few seconds respite before he had sight of those impressive breasts bearing menacingly down on his face once again.

She mixed things up too. Ivy rolled him over to trap Wimpy Nick between her powerful thighs and apply a vicious body scissor on his before his head was plunged back into her bosom.

His cries of pain and the clear struggle he faced increased by the second and Ivy was having a hell of a lot of fun making her other half suffer. Her facial expressions certainly gave that away!

There was nowhere for him to run or hide - even up against the corner turnbuckle, those breasts sought his face out like heat seeking missiles.

Ivy Rain completed the challenge in amazing style, sending her boob battered hubby to rest and victoriously posing over his prone body in the middle of the ring! She is certainly the ‘breast’ in that relationship!

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