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Ivy Rain vs Vox - thigh scissor custom

Gorgeous wrestlers Ivy Rain and Vox both have incredible, strong legs so we thought what better than to see them pit their impressive thighs against one another.

You could tell both were confident with Ivy firing the opening shots about how she was going to dominate once she got her impressive bigger muscley thighs in action against her opponent.

But Vox was clearly unimpressed with her rival’s proud boasts and immediately fires back, boasting about how she was going to make Ivy cry and beg like a baby with her longer pins!

This only served to ramp up the tension between the two who started circling each other vowing to beat the other, raising the temperature even higher.

But these are also two ladies who know that talk is cheap and it wasn't long before they had their hands in each other’s hair and they were down on the mats locked in an intense hot battle to prove who had the stronger, superior thighs.

Naturally, their legs became immediately entwined and the pressure applied immediately, prompting moans and groans of pain as they ramped up their efforts to make the other succumb to their power.

They were fighting in the new MWC mats of doom room, which made things get extremely hot and sweaty as they rolled back and forth trying to gain that all important advantage.

Both Ivy and Vox had their moments on top and we could feel the pain each beauty felt when the thighs were locked in the vice-like grip between the legs of the other.

It was back and forth throughout and the action never let up (neither did the trash talking) with only a few submissions providing any kind of break!

In the end, there was a clear winner and she enjoyed her hard fought victory over her devastated victim with a celebration directly to camera!

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