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Ivy Rain vs Venom

The awesome gorgeous powerhouse Venom came into this Shiny Pro Ring Girls match on a mission - to prove she was more poisonous than luscious Ivy Rain!

And not even a cheeky little slap on the butt she received from her saucy opponent at the start of this encounter in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain was going to stop her from achieving that mission!

Venom rarely fails to live up to her name and she was instantly on the attack from the second they engaged in an early test of strength, in which she showed Ivy Rain just how strong she is.

English Rose Ivy is a talented wrestler and always up for a challenge but even she found herself being thrown around the ring and being trapped in her dominant rival’s array of skilful and rather agonising holds which she is always happy to demonstrate.

This was fast becoming a beatdown as Venom stalked Ivy like a predator stalking her prey before then catching and devouring it!

Ivy found herself on the receiving end of head locks, body scissors, arm bars, skilled takedowns, camel clutches, kicks to the belly, head scissors and combination holds which ensured she suffered badly.

Venom even resorted to using dirty tactics when she felt like it, such as using Ivy’s hair to control her increasingly outclassed, less experienced rival.

And even when Ivy Rain went on the attack herself, she found Venom had the strength, skill and determination to power herself out of it.

Ivy showed her guts and determination though. She refused to give in easily and Venom was left frustrated on more than one occasion when plucky Ivy kept kicking out of pins!

But there was an inevitability about the outcome and Venom kept increasing her efforts before brutally securing the victory and finally breaking Ivy Rain’s resistance!

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