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Ivy Rain vs Spice

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Exquisite English rose Ivy Rain has been coming on in leaps and bounds to become a strong and skilled exciting wrestler on the MWC roster.

But she faces one of the toughest challenges of her career so far when she was placed in the Mats of Doom Room to face the beautiful powerhouse that is sexy Spice!

And you could sense that Spice was keen to get her hands on the brunette as soon as they faced off against one another.

Sure enough, Ivy Rain found herself being dragged into her formidable rival’s clutches as Spice wasted no time at all in getting to work on working her over!

It was obvious that Spice was in a ‘take no prisoners’ kind of mood - which is exactly how we all like her, of course! - as she crushed Ivy’s head between her thunder thighs and squeezed.

There was very little in the way of respite for Ivy as she found herself in a whole world of trouble with body scissors, arm bars, camel clutches, breast smothers, head scissors and headlocks which produced submissions as well as moans and groans in pain.

Not that Spice had it all her own way of course! It’s been a long time since Ivy turned out to just make up the numbers, as she proved by turning a sticky situation around to pin Spice and make her suffer in a breast smother!

However, Spice wasn't in much of a giving mood and she was soon back on the front foot and trapping Ivy in some unwanted and rather distressing situations in the heat of the battle.

To her immense credit, Ivy keeps on fighting hard all the way through and enjoys some success of her own, earning tap outs of her own.

But it is Spice who reigns supreme after this amazing contest she she sure does enjoy it!

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