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Ivy Rain vs Safia

What more could you possibly want from a wrestling match than two beautiful and seemingly evenly matched athletes doing battle in a confined space for your pleasure?!

Because that is exactly what you get from this clash between the utterly gorgeous young grapplers Ivy Rain and Safia in this MWC Mats of Doom room clash.

From the moment they were kneeling opposite each other, you could tell they just wanted to get their hands on one another and this feeling increased as they circled each other like cats - even pawing at one another as they felt each other out!

It was Safia who got the first submission when she managed to get on top of her rival and eventually force her to submit from a rather painful looking arm bar.

A setback for Ivy Rain but she simply isn’t the sort of character who recoils into a shell at the first sign of danger and, instead, she roared back at her opponent - a grapevine and breast smother combo bringing her success!

Both ladies were hungry for tap outs and both made sure that desire was well fed as the back and forth match yielded plenty of submissions for both beauties.

We saw an array of attacking moves including head locks, more grapevine pins, bear hugs, thigh to thigh battles, body scissors, schoolgirl pins and arm bars as the action was non-stop.

The small room and the fact both were in rather gorgeous skimpy bikinis ensured temperatures were raised and there was a hell of a lot of heat!

Ivy and Safia fought in great spirit too, although by the end there was clear winner between the two as one girl managed to impose her will on the other - much to her understandable delight.

But both clearly showed why they are two of the most exciting girls to burst on the scene and we cant wait to see more of them!

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