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Ivy Rain vs Princess Nikki

We love seeing our gorgeous talented wrestlers taking each other on at Monica’s Wrestling Centre, whether its on the mats, in the Ring of Pain or the Mats of Doom Room.

But if they wish to fight in a living room then we are totally down with that too! Two of our young stars Ivy and Nikki clearly don’t mind where they wrestle, they just want to get their hands on one another!

And we’re glad they do because when the action gets underway, there are immediate fireworks as they engage in an energetic battle starting off in mutual head locks before ending up on the floor.

They also demonstrate that they are going to be a good match for one another as they roll around trying to lock in body scissors and get an advantage over one another in the early part of the contest.

There is some seriously impressive resistance too as both Nikki and Ivy battle out of precarious positions which would have probably earned tap outs from lesser fighters.

After a titanic and energetic struggle, the first submission finally comes with a reverse figure four lock which makes one of the ladies to reluctantly tap out from.

Not that this really changes much as they immediately get back into the exciting battle they were engaged in before the submission disrupted the previous flow.

We see head locks, head scissors, body scissors, tests of strength, breast smothers, bear hugs and combination holds throughout this thrilling fight.

They are both determined and both enjoy success as this pulsating encounter progresses towards the end. It is so good that neither really deserves to lose such an incredible match.

Both Ivy and Nikki fight long and hard right to the end and there is clearly mutual respect and admiration for each other’s talents when they finally stop wrestling!

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