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Ivy Rain vs Nomi Melone

You could tell that the second these two hotties locked eyes on one another they meant business and were itching to get their hands on one another.

Sexy Ivy and gorgeous Nomi are very easy on the eye but the serious expressions on their faces as they squared up to each other on the mats made it clear they weren’t here for any kind of beauty contest!

Ivy has a size advantage but determined Nomi showed she was not going to be intimidated or overawed by her rival as they immediately started battling hard on the ground.

It was soon clear that both of these talented ladies were going to give as good as they got whilst exchanging ankle locks and leg scissors in a frantic start.

When it looked like Ivy had the upper hand with a body scissor, Nomi fought her way free and turned the tables to execute a camel clutch to her opponent.

Both demonstrated their power and resilience in the face of attacks and soon earned themselves a submission each, adding extra spice to an already hot contest!

They were giving it all they had and working up a sweat while the moans, groans and grunts gave an audible demonstration of the effort they were putting into this contest.

We saw them exchange bear hugs, body scissors, arm bars, choke holds, head locks, camel clutches, schoolgirl pins, smothers and combinations which helped bring success for both Ivy and Nomi as they earned submissions in their favour.

It was a back and forth contest which had us on the edge of our seats throughout and predicting an overall winner was pretty much an impossibility.

They fight hard and competitively - in a good sporting spirit - from the start to the finish in this truly exciting encounter. Well worth adding to your collections.

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