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Ivy Rain vs Luna Doom

The gorgeous English rose that is Ivy Rain has been a revelation on the MWC mats since she joined and she continues to get better.

But she found herself up against a phenomenal challenge in the Mats of Doom Room as she faced off against the aptly-named Luna Doom.

Luna is a newcomer to MWC but the beauty is one powerhouse who knows how to fight and she was certainly up for the challenge of taking on the ever-improving Ivy!

And it was clear from the start that Ivy would have her work cut out for her as Luna attacked from the off and made her suffer in between her strong thighs and arms with a body scissor and head lock combination to earn the first submission.

But if Luna thought she was in for an easy ride, Ivy proved she isn’t the sort of girl who turns up just to make up the numbers and went immediately on the attack herself - catching Luna in a vicious breast smother and grapevine pin combo!

These curvy beauties were soon locked up and rolling around in the tight confines of the room as they looked to impose themselves on each other.

We were treated to some exceptional wrestling from both which saw them deploy thigh scissors, head scissors, roll up pins, head locks, breast smothers, face sits, body scissors and a variety of pins.

It was a pulsating back and forth fight with both Ivy and Luna enjoying their moments on top and in control of each other!

Their bodies glistened in sweat as they left it all on the mats in an effort to get the all important victory as the match wore on.

By the end, there was a winner and she certainly enjoyed her success as her defeated rival lay exhausted on the mats!

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