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Ivy Rain vs Luna

If you have gotten the impression we like to present increasingly tough challenges to our ever improving young starlets, then you’d be right!

Beautiful Ivy Rain keeps on getting better and better on the MWC mats the more she appears on them and she had to channel all of her skills when she faced lovely Luna in our Mats of Doom room!

Luna has a hell of a lot more experience than Ivy and has carved out a formidable reputation based on her immense talent and strength.

But one of the many reasons Ivy has become a firm favourite on our roster is she always faces any challenge head on and this is no different.

She isn’t over-awed by Luna, even when she is taken down by her and instead shows Luna exactly what she is made of by securing the first submission with a crushing thigh scissor. If Luna didn’t know what she was up against before the match started, she certainly did now!

Of course, Luna isn’t phased by this and she knows exactly what she has to do - levelling the scores with a nasty headlock that Ivy eventually taps out to after a struggle.

This sets up the rest of the match very nicely indeed and the submissions keep on coming for both ladies through a variety of moves including head locks, thigh scissors, guillotines, body scissors, bear hugs, breast smothers and pins.

You can see Ivy visibly growing in confidence as she returns the taunts she was getting from Luna in style. Luna on the other hand has to dig deeper to make this upstart submit!

This is a classic back and forth battle and both girls are in with a shout to get the all important victory. But does Ivy spring the shock or does Luna’s know how shine through in the end?

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